An update, news… and cakes.

Well I’m ashamed to say my last post was Christmas… I definitely have some catching up to do! What have I been up to? Well, aside from making and creating new exciting recipes, I’ve also been making plans for the summer. I don’t know why but summer just seems to be the perfect time to do new things and expand the business. I’ve decided to get my foot in the door on the whole summer food festival craze, and I’m very excited to announce that I have been accepted for a bursary stall at the Shrewsbury Food Festival 😀 I’ve never done anything so big before so I’m nervous but also very very excited! Any local readers please come and say hi!

I was also asked to make some Valentine’s truffles for a special Valentine’s screening at the Old Market Hall cinema/cafe and was quite proud of the end product, I loved getting my creative side out and doing all the packaging…

10407798_10202946361173986_7616736971328986718_n 11021056_10202946360413967_4088498171948088977_n


I’ve also been working on a few favourites in the hope that I can sell them on my stalls in the summer… what do we think of…

Chocolate Orange Cake (this tastes just like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange)


Nutella Swirled Banana Bread…


and Sticky Golden Syrup Loaf?



(I have to admit, I tried out the Chocolate Orange Cake and the Sticky Golden Syrup Loaf on my friends and they were definitely given the thumbs up).

Next post will be a recipe post, if anyone has any requests then let me know!



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