Cupcake Decorating

I tried something completely new recently – cupcake decorating. I have to be honest, I didn’t think I’d enjoy it that much as I’ve always been more of a baker than a decorator, but I absolutely loved it and am so pleased with the end results! I had made up the cupcakes before the class (all gluten-free) and then spent 2 hours making flowers, hearts and all sorts to decorate them with. I had no idea how many things you could do with sugarcraft, it’s like another world from the baking world. I will definitely be adding more decorating into my bakes… however, they were hard to eat because they just looked too pretty!






5 thoughts on “Cupcake Decorating

  1. Hannah – I have shown this to Rachel and she has now started a campaign to start me on cake decorating too! Mine tend to be more splodges than anything else but I have some icing so may give it a go and post about it


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